5 Reasons to Have Two Wedding Photographers | Tips for Brides

You’re having a small and intimate wedding that includes only family and close friends. It’s not made to be a huge production, it’s made to be personal. You’ve carefully chosen the most delicate wedding dress, the most tasteful food, the most decorative centrepieces, the most romantic venue… Slowly you see your wedding day coming together one detail at a time! You might ask yourself “Why do I need two photographers for such a small wedding?”

Natural and Authentic

Your wedding gallery will include more natural and authentic moments. It’s a little nerve wracking getting in front of the camera for some people! It’s also quite common for someone to suddenly relax once they stop looking down the massive barrel of a camera lens. That’s what it feels like too doesn’t it? Just when you think the last photo set is done, one of us will likely continue documenting the moment. It’s right then and there that we capture you in your essence. 100% natural and 100% authentic!

Banff Silvertip Wedding Photography
Bride Laughing | Silvertip Resort | Canomore Wedding | Anita Jeanine Photography | www.anitajeanine.com


Wedding Details

Your wedding gallery will include more wedding details. As nice as it would be to teleport, it’s rather impossible. Wishful thinking right?!  We are able to work as a team and ensure that we’ve covered every single detail from beginning to end. While one photographer is photographing you or your guests, another photographer is able to step aside and capture the details. That includes some of the “key shots” as I call them; the wedding dress, the groom’s attire, the jewelry, the rings, the flowers, the boutonnieres, the bridesmaids gifts, the groomsmen gifts, the altar, the aisle decorations, the reception room, the place settings, the centrepieces, the head table, the cake and the favours. Sometimes there are other special items that have been part of the family or someone’s culture for a lifetime and we definitely don’t want to miss those!

Bridal Bouquet | Wedding Flowers | Calgary Marriage Photographer | Anita Jeanine Photography | www.anitajeanine.com
Bridal Bouquet | Wedding Flowers | Calgary Marriage Photographer | Anita Jeanine Photography | www.anitajeanine.com


Getting Ready – The Guys Do It Too!

Your wedding gallery will include images of both bridal parties. As we all know, a wedding couldn’t happen with just one person! With two photographers, we’re able to capture images of everyone. When the day begins and you’re getting ready, there are moments of excitement and anticipation. There are gift exchanges and sometimes tears (aweeeeeeeee!). There are jokes and early celebrations (insert a shot of whiskey here!). There is so much care put in to those first few hours of the day. I always suggest that both bridal parties have a photographer with them. You’d be amazed to see that those small moments that are actually very, very big moments. In my mind, they’re just as much a part of your story as any other part of your wedding day.

Groom Getting Ready | Calgary Wedding Photographer
Groom Getting Ready | Best Man Getting Ready | Calgary Wedding Photographer | Anita Jeanine Photography | www.anitajeanine.com


Wedding Guest Candids

I’m sure everyone you’ve invited to your wedding day means something to you. While one photographer can give undivided attention to the bride and groom, the second photographer can give attention to capturing your guests. Do you want to know the best part? Those images are usually those amazing candids; the smiles are genuine, the interactions are perfectly unposed and everyone is looking amazing. With two photographers, you get absolutely everyone at your wedding!

Wedding Guest Candids | Okotoks Wedding Photographer | Calgary Wedding Photography
Wedding Guest Candids | Dad and Son | Calgary Wedding Photographer | Anita Jeanine Photography | www.anitajeanine.com


Get Every Angle

It might go without saying, but when you have two photographers who have two cameras each, you’re going to get multiple angles of the same moment. When you walk down the aisle and he sees you for the first time, we can get that first look of both of you. Whey you’re saying your wedding vows, we are able to capture the entire ceremony from afar and the expressions on your faces. When the two of you are off for your portrait session and exploring together, we are able to capture the two of you in the beautiful scenery and the small interactions up close. You surely won’t miss a thing!


Calgary Banff Wedding Photography | Destination Wedding Photographer
Mountain Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer | Banff | Anita Jeanine Photography | www.anitajeanine.com
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