Fallon & Sam | Banff Gazebo Wedding Photographer

Banff never disappoints! The mountains are always epic, always majestic and always surreal! How nice is it to be surrounded by the rockies and a whole bunch of love in the air? This is one of the reasons why I do what I do, one of many!

Their wedding started a little late but the views take me somewhere else. While waiting, I had the chance to get to know their families and hang out with Gizmo. You’ll see him! He’s the cute little pup in a tux. You heard me right, he’s the pup in a tux. I’m not too sure where you found that cute little dog outfit but it would be a first for me.

I also came a cross a quote from John Lennon that I wanted to end with. I thought it was perfect for sharing.

it matters not
WHO you love
WHERE you love
WHY you love
WHEN you love or
HOW you love
it only matters
~ John Lennon