Before & After | Professional Photo Editing

I’ve been asked recently how much post-processing work I do to my images. I suppose the best answer is “it depends”. I’m a huge fan of doing it right the first time so I work to take incredibly clean images straight out of the camera. It’s taken me years to get where I am and consider myself a life-long learner. I seek advice, expertise and tools constantly. It allows me to capture images that are true to what I see and true to my clients.
Then there’s the other side of it. This part has yet to become part of my website and I’m currently redesigning some things to include it. I provide commercial photography and it demands some digital artistry. I can easily spend hours manipulating one image to create a perfect product photo and blend it with different backgrounds. That margarita shot might not have been taken on a beach!!! Although I’d love to travel to a beach to take a product shot. Yes please!
Here’s a few before and after shots for you to see what comes straight out of the camera and what the end product looks like. My goal is to capture clean images from the start and later make small changes that evoke the kind of emotion I’d like to have. The changes are so very subtle.