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Teana Miller | Calgary Portrait Photographer

Creative portrait sessions are always a gamble! They’re creative because it’s all about trying something new. There’s never really a guarantee that it’ll work. Usually,

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Amanda | Calgary Boudoir Photographer

My Edmonton boudoir marathon introduced me to so many amazing women! So many! I already know that my work allows me to connect with people.

Lorene | Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Sometimes you have to GO through things to GET through things! These are the moments that shape us. They don’t have to define us but

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Laura | Calgary Boudoir Photographer

I’m still working away on all the amazing galleries from all the beautiful women I had met on my Edmonton boudoir marathon. This wonderful woman

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Erica | Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Welcome to the first boudoir blog post on my site. You heard it right! I’ve had the opportunity to shoot so many boudoir sessions but