Charlene + Thomas | Calgary Wedding Photography

Where do I even start when it come to Charlene and Thomas? They’re family to me! My husband was relocated for his job. Within 6 weeks from getting the notice, we were moved! We picked up absolutely everything, left our families and stationed into Calgary and quickly. Charlene and Thomas were the first people we met. They help us with absolutely everything! She cares for my two youngest sons and loves them like they were her own. He helps us with home renovations and all those other “manly” duties. We all go out for dinners and have backyard summer BBQ’s, watching all of our little ones make memories.

When they told me they were getting married and they wanted to do it “as soon as possible”, I was thrilled! Here were two people who couldn’t deserve better, who couldn’t treat each other better and who couldn’t have hearts more pure. When they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was all in! Why wouldn’t I be?

We traveled through the day seamlessly. Laughter. Excitement. Anticipation. Tears. Nerves. I could see it all. But oh! The LOVE! The way they looked at each other. I still can’t get enough of these two beautiful souls.

Charlene and Thomas, if you’re reading this, I’m so happy to have found you. I’m so happy to have you in our lives. I’m so happy to know you. I’m so happy to see you give to one another so selflessly. I love how you love! I will always stand behind you XOXOXO