Courtney + Emmett | Calgary Lifestyle Photography

I’m sitting in Starbucks. I’m waiting to start up a business meeting. It’s busy, the line up to get a coffee is starting to take on an S-shape. There’s virtually no place to sit, some are even perching on the window sills so they can take a minute to themselves. Busy! I look over and see this little guy bouncing on top of the biggest table in there. He’s 100% free and without a care in the world. If people didn’t find it so odd, I’d do it myself! I wanted to.
I had to go see him! I was waiting for company who was running late anyway. And so I met Courtney and Emmett. It might be the start of a new friendship. I uncomfortably asked her if I could take their picture. That’s a first for me, I’ve never asked any stranger if I could take their picture. After this, I might just do so. Little do I know that she’s a friend of Charlene‘s, a friend of mine who has changed my life.
6 degrees of separation. Everywhere. For some reason it always amazes me! Thank you Courtney for letting me capture the two of you. I wasn’t sure how that would go.

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