Dane Halo | Calgary Modelling Photographer

You only live once! But if you do it right, once is enough!

Meet Dane. There’s only one and she’s it. She’s traveler of the world and a sweetheart in every way. She’s nurturing and forward thinking. She’s the most open person I’ve ever met. She has this unusual way of accepting everyone exactly as they are. That never happens.

Thank goodness for social media, otherwise we would have never met. One photo session with Dane and I felt like I knew her for a lifetime. What did we do next? Go to Mexico together! Why not right? Who doesn’t enjoy beaches, cenotes, rooftop patios and real food! This blog post isn’t from Mexico but you can expect those later. This one is from her spontaneous visit to me here in Calgary. We had to go out for a sunset photo session and “just be”.

Meet Dane 🙂