Erica | Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Welcome to the first boudoir blog post on my site. You heard it right! I’ve had the opportunity to shoot so many boudoir sessions but not many get posted, although I suppose it’s not about that. It’s about more than that.

With all the women I meet, I meet women who are daring, women who are delicate, women who are free-spirited, women who are learning self-love, women who know what they want and women who are trying to find what they want. I’ve learned what confidence means. I’ve learned what self-love means. I’ve learned what vulnerability means. I’ve learned that we all have our scars and that we all have our stories. In fact, I’m going to share one of my stories with you. I hear the words come back to me all the time.

As a teenager, I spent a fair amount of time with my grandma. For one reason or another, I decided to ask her “If you could go back and change anything in your life, what would you change? If you could do something different, what would it be?” I was expecting her to tell me of a trip she’d never taken, a friend she failed to call or an incident she wished she’d never gotten into. It was none of those things.

She said “I wish I would’ve known how beautiful I was back then. I wish I would’ve known.”

There was a tenderness in her voice that has never left me. It’s been a gentle reminder that self-love is so important. So important!

Having said all that mushy stuff, I’ll move on. I simply want to share my excitement for when my boudoir clients allow me to publish their beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos! I have such an appreciation for the human form, so much that I consider it art! I just have so many ideas for boudoir sessions floating around in my head. I need to make them come to life 🙂 It feels like I’m just getting started, even though I’m not. If I told you that fireworks go off inside me when I’m shooting, would you believe me?

You can find more at my Instagram Boudoir Account also, maybe we can connect there too.