I’m a female Calgary boudoir photographer who can appreciate what it means to feel good in your own skin! My boudoir sessions are designed to be empowering and all about self-love. We’ll we have fun first. Don’t worry, I promise to always guide you. Let’s celebrate your womanhood, your curves and your vibe. You’re perfect just the way you are!

I offer boudoir sessions in-studio or in your home. We give enough time to go over clothing choices, posing and your wish list. I call them pre-session pow-wows. Need hair and makeup? We can set that up too. Let’s start a conversation!

About Me

I specialize in weddings, portraits and lifestyle photography.

I try not to take life too seriously. I figure that we only have one life but if we do it right, once is enough! Whether it be weddings or portraits, I want you to be at your most comfortable and 100% you. I intend to fit into your world instead of you fitting into mine.

My style can be described as bold, documentary and timeless. I adore candid moments and appreciate the photojournalistic style. Authentic interactions and the human connection fascinate me! Truly! I read up on things like body language, emotional intelligence and personality styles for leisure. My husband says my reading material is “dry”. Hahaha – I beg to differ! It’s so incredibly useful.

I’m based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with most of my time being spent in the Canadian Rockies. However, I’m always available for travel, this world has so much to offer and I can’t get enough.

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Do you have a studio or do you come to me?

The answer is "both".

I prefer to provide my boudoir sessions in my clients' home as it is SO personal! By including your environment and your own items, it becomes all about you. Not only that, it doesn't look like everyone else's boudoir session.

If you'd rather do it in-studio, we can always arrange that. I have a number of studio spaces accessible to me, all which are very beautiful spaces!

Is hair and makeup included?

I surely do offer hair and makeup with every boudoir session. All my makeup artists are incredible at what they do, are published and take great pride in their work. Every single model to date has been impressed, as am I every single time!

I've never done this before! Will you guide me?

You bet! I will guide you and even demonstrate poses. I will absolutely guide you!

What should I wear?

I always suggest bringing a variety of clothing and outfits. My number one suggestion is "What you're most comfortable in". The options range from lace outfits, racy bra and underwear combos, bodysuits, sheer dresses, a crop top and boy shorts etc..

Will my boudoir photos show up online?

I respect your privacy! Any boudoir image posted online or in social media will require a model release from you.

How far out do I need to book to get a session with you?

It depends. I book up rather quickly. If you're looking to have your products back by a certain date, you'll want to have your boudoir session about 4-6 weeks prior to that date. I move quickly in my editing and delivery, however you'll want to grant time for your boudoir albums, prints and/or folios to be produced and shipped.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! I offer a payment plan so that your boudoir session can be paid in three separate payments.

How do I book you?

To secure your session, I require a signed client agreement and a $300 deposit. We go through those administrative details right at the beginning. I will provide you with the imperative information and know what to expect.

How do I get started?

I welcome you to call, text or email me at any time! We'll get things rolling with a conversation and chat about bringing your vision to life!


All my boudoir sessions include professional hair and makeup, multiple outfit changes and in-studio or in-home private sessions.

On average, my clients spend $1500.


Let's Start a Conversation!