Jordan | Calgary Boudoir Photographer

She’s full of creative ideas and has a lust for life. She has an energy about her that is contagious, it bounces off the walls. She sparkles and get this? She gets a new tattoo every time she travels. Not only does she have so many stories to tell, but she also has them written all over her. Intrigued yet? Me too! She’s also a dog walker, or as I’d prefer to call her, a dog whisperer. You surely need a good vibe about you for that. Dogs know all! Which means she’s also magic.

I first met her when I was doing the wedding photography for her best friend. And now here we are a year and a half later and we’re already planning our fourth photo session together. Maybe next time, I’ll capture more of her tattoos and she can tell me more of her stories.

Sensuality, feminine and vivacious. That’s an incredible combination.

Calgary Hair & Makeup Artist: Arina Rebecca Makeup – https://www.instagram.com/arinarebeccamakeup/