Laura | Calgary Boudoir Photographer

I’m still working away on all the amazing galleries from all the beautiful women I had met on my Edmonton boudoir marathon. This wonderful woman came into my life almost a decade ago when I first photographed her wedding. And when we saw each other again, it sure didn’t feel that long.

I absolutely loved her wedding! Here’s how much I loved her wedding: I was the last one to leave! Ha! Have you ever been to a wedding where the photographer was the last one to leave? Me neither!

Having had the chance to do a boudoir session with her was yet another amazing day. If neither of us had places to be, people to met and things to do, I’m sure we would have spent the rest of the day together. I can’t just see it. Us. Catching up. Getting to know what’s happened in each other’s life that isn’t posted on Facebook or Instagram.

There’s one thing I must mention about her life. I love how much her husband loves her! I bet you she could write a book about marriage and it would be from first-hand experience. I sure do hope he loves these!

Until next time, hopefully sooner than another 10 years!

Hair and Makeup Stylist: Stefanie Carlson

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