Let’s Talk About Empowerment & Confidence

Empowerment. Let’s talk about it. What is it really?

We mention it a lot, especially when it comes to boudoir. To be honest, I feel like we throw that word around so much that it’s lost its meaning a little bit. It’s lost its value. In a way, it’s no different than us saying we “love” peanut butter (which I do) and we “love” someone. I know I love peanut butter but it’s nowhere near the same kind of love I have for my husband. And what an amazing man he is! Eventually, you’ll come to know him through all that I share with you 🙂

I went looking for the full definition and it’s:

“The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”

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The definition itself makes me want to show the world what I’m made of and to remind myself that I’m heading towards something special. Truly! It sounds like something my Mom would say to me to make sure that I knew I had the power to change my world and myself.

So here’s my confusion with it all. Or maybe it’s my quam. Or my disagreement. Empowerment has absolutely nothing to do with what you are, it has everything to do with who you are!

It’s an internal process. Confidence is knowing you can do it, whatever “it” is. Strength often becomes you when you’re so broken, you’ve fallen to both knees. Somewhere along the way you created or found a sense of strength because it was necessary. Please don’t confuse ego with strength, they are nothing the same. In terms of controlling one’s life, that ultimately has to do with decisions. We can’t control everything but we can navigate through it. The choices we make are either calculated or not at all. Which leads us to “claiming one’s rights”. The question you want to ask yourself is “What do you think you deserve?” In love? In life? In your career? I’ll ask you again. What do you think you deserve? Because that’s what you will agree to.

Confidence is in the mind. It’s trusting in your own abilities, even if you haven’t done it before.

Strength is in the heart. It’s this immaculate power that comes with a fighting spirit and focused eyes.

Control of one’s life comes with wisdom, forward-thinking and the ability to adapt. In short, it’s the ability to mold the past, present, and future.

Claiming one’s rights is taking ownership of what you know you deserve and what you know you are worth.

THAT is empowerment!

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Are we confusing ourselves with the idea that empowerment has something to do with the way we look? Have we forgotten what self-worth is? Do we really want to define our value based on our appearance? Haven’t we been doing that for far too long anyway?

I am so insanely passionate about this! This might just be part 1 of my thoughts on “empowerment”.

I want to get away from this idea that value is measured by our appearance. Our value is determined by the thoughts we have of ourselves. To be truly empowered means that all your confidence and all your strength reside at the core of you!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you have to say about it!