My Crazy Beautiful Life | Calgary Family Photography

My life. It’s a little bit crazy some days. It’s always beautiful. It’s never boring.

These day-to-day pictures might not always be the most perfectly composed ones, but they’re perfect to me. This is exactly how I want to remember it. It’s the long awaited dinners with friends, those ones you have to plan weeks ahead. It’s the fancy dinners where there’s always a new recipe tried. It’s doubling up on the amount of kids in one room and watching them stare at each other. It’s those small toys you find in the corner that you were looking for two months ago. It’s seeing their elation after the bubbles hit the tip of their nose, as if nothing could ever be so thrilling. It’s those small discoveries that an old toy can do a new thing. It’s the personalities they give to a select few stuffed animals, creating a life for each one. It’s the big “cheese” face they give you when it’s “picture time”. It’s the food on the floor that they enthusiastically try to help clean up. It’s those moments.

Here’s a quick peak into my life as a mom of 3 boys and a wife to an amazing husband who is sometimes a little boy himself!