Nancy | Banff Portrait Modeling Photographer

She came to Banff all the way from Indonesia! It was the windiest day I’ve ever experienced in the mountains, I was putting lotion on my face for two days! Well done Nancy, we never know what we’re going to get at any time of year.

It’s strange to think that I just came back from Indonesia and was taken back by the landscape while I was there. Then I meet her and realize she’s flown across the world for the same reason. It reminds me that we often forget what we have and maybe I should appreciate these majestic Canadian Rockies a little bit more.

When something is always available, it’s easy for us to take it for granted!

A little gentle reminder to myself today is to appreciate what we’re given, to remember what we have and to live in gratitude.

Anyone who follows my Instagram or Facebook posts will know I speak of gratitude often. Today, I’m reminding myself to be just that. For everything we have can be taken away from us just as easily.

Here’s to a thankful heart, windy or not!