Sarah & Tyler | Calgary Engagement Photographer

Every once in a while you come across a couple who has a chemistry that is so natural, you’re sure they met in another life. And they’ll likely do it again in a future life.

I just finished their beautiful fall engagement photos and am about to send them off. I’ve been doing so many edits lately that I’m going back in time and reliving my days. THAT is one of the reasons why I do what I do. If not for that kind of chemistry, then it’s to relive moments I would have forgotten about far too easily.

It’s been the busiest season I’ve ever had in my ENTIRE 12 years of professional photography. The work-life balance is a little off-kilter. I’m also grateful for the abundance of quality people who have welcomed me into their lives! Thank You to you all! So here they are. On the ONLY day of fall of 2018 and lovin’ on each other! Did I mention that we had a few deer follow us around? Not BEER… DEER! It created a silence, a calming. One even ran at me. Don’t they usually run away?