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What are you good at? Actually, what are you GREAT at? Think about it!

I asked that question to a stranger the other day and they couldn’t give me an answer. I came back 30 mins later, 1 hour later and again 2 hours later to find out. I told them I wasn’t leaving without knowing. Ha!

I started thinking of all the wonderful people I know and how we are our own worst critics. It’s a shame that we don’t give ourselves more credit for all the things we are and who we have become.

My beautiful mother enforced a certain kind of fighting spirit in me. She still does! I’ll share a few of her words, you’ll like them!

  • You were not given a spirit of FEAR but of STRENGTH. Keep going!
  • DISCOURAGEMENT has no right in your life. Recognize it, refuse it and plant a seed of COURAGE instead.
  • There are NO FAILURES, only opportunities to become a BETTER person and a BIGGER person.
  • Be of GOOD CHARACTER, not because other people deserve it but because YOU DO!
  • You are the result of your CHOICES, make them wisely.
  • MAKE TIME for yourself. No one else can have you if you can’t have you!
  • Give others GRACE, we’re all a work in progress!
  • There is POWER to words. What you say to yourself and to others is the DIRECTION you’ll follow.

So back to the question. WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT? Stop beating yourself up peeps, you’re worth some self-acceptance and a little bit of “OMG, I can’t believe I just did that!” kind of feeling.

Keep your head up, feet planted, eyes focused and heart soft. This world has wonders to show you!

Empowerment Strength Courage Character Inspirational Quotes