Find Freedom in Being You | Calgary Modelling Photographer

Thoughts. I never post thoughts…

Social media portrays a perfect life. Do we have a new term for “keeping up with the Joneses'” yet? Life isn’t perfect. In short, LIFE IS LIFE.

Expect the unexpected. Stop worrying about what others think. Find freedom in being yourself. Find courage for what scares you. Make time for you, no one else can have you if you can’t have you. Show gratitude every single day. Be kind to others, you never know the struggles they go through. Give yourself credit for all you’ve done. Fail and learn. Be gentle with yourself, we’re all a work in progress. Be gentle with others. Realize that you have a ripple effect in this world, whether you know it or not. Watch your words for tomorrow you may have to eat them. Simply, be a good person. Let your intentions be pure and selfless. And here’s the hardest one, learn to LET GO! If there’s no hope for whatever it is you’re clinging onto, let go of it so you can be open to something new and life-giving.

As a side note, here’s my beautiful niece. Not only does she make a great model, she doubles as a second photographer. She’s one of the easiest photography students I’ve ever had the pleasure to teach!

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