Sandcastles & Seashells | Our Family Trip in Telchac Puerto

We made our way to a small Mexican town in Yucatán, Mexico. Hello Telchac Puerto!

How small is it? It has a population of just over 1500 people with a town center, a few parks, a church, some local family-owned restaurants, and a pier that the locals fish off. Stray dogs are plenty and Coca-Cola trucks seem to be everywhere.

Why did we go here? To do one thing and one thing only: check out! To indulge in the art of nothing, as a family. Life gets busy! I think it’s important to check out once in a while. No screens, no social media, no emails, no phone calls and no work.

Just sandcastles and seashells. 

Let me share with you a few moments of my own life and of my own family. There isn’t anything I love more and there isn’t anyone I love more.