Words of Wisdom & Life Lessons

Not all things that are learned can be taught!

Almost 10 years ago, I wrote this letter to myself. Life is often unpredictable and regardless of the plans you make for yourself, it always changes somehow. I wanted to remind myself of the stuff that matters and now I’m sharing it with you!

I know it’s not necessarily photography related, however, it does cross over into almost every conversation I have with my wonderful clients. We talk about life’s moments, what we’re looking forward to, what we’re working through, where we’re at and where we plan on going. Welcome to my inner thoughts, driven by my own life experiences 🙂

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Life Lessons That Can’t Be Taught

HOPE is taking a wish and breathing life into it. It’s what fills the eyes of children.

CONFIDENCE is trusting in yourself and in your abilities. It is not something that is gained by seeking out validation or praise from others, that’s insecurity. Rather, it’s knowing that you can do it – whatever it is.

STILLNESS is the ultimate peace and can only be achieved when you learn to accept yourself for who you are and your life for what it is. It’s when you recognize that perfection is the combination of the flaws that make you interesting and the dreams that keep you alive.

TRUST exists when you find yourself behaving in a way that is both carefree and unedited.

STRENGTH happens when you’ve fallen to both knees. It’s what comes about when you’re at your most broken and decide you don’t want to be there anymore.

WORTHINESS is when you see yourself as deserving and let in the blessings that have been waiting for you. It’s when the impossible starts to move into the realm of possible.

FEAR is a built-in defence mechanism, letting you know when you should fight or flee. It contributes to your survival. But when you find yourself in a place in which you’ve become paralyzed and unable to move, it contributes to the death of you from the inside out.

COMPASSION is being able to act out in tenderness when someone is speaking out in anger. Are you able to hear what others are not saying?

JOY is much greater than happiness. It’s what sits in your core and explodes when your spirit finds freedom. It’s the kind of happiness that ripples through your body in a contagious way.

GRATITUDE keeps you humble and is anything but self-seeking. It’s the by-product of knowing that this world is a big place and anyone you come across has an influence on you somehow.

FORGIVENESS is letting go of the debt you feel someone owes you. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and waiting for someone else to feel the pain. Let go.

BOUNDARIES that you establish, teach people how to treat you. If you don’t have any, you might find yourself asking why you continue to be mistreated. Know yourself enough to respect yourself.

COURAGE is when you challenge uncertainty and risk, never really knowing what will come of it. It’s the sweet mixture of hope, fear and strength.

IMAGINATION will take you places that your feet never will. Explore it.

LETTING GO is one of the best life skills you can develop – in business, in love and in dreams. If there’s no hope for whatever it is you’re clinging onto, let go of it so you can be open to something new and life-giving.

RESPECT is a demonstrated behaviour and is most often undeserved, just as LOVE is unconditional.

WISDOM is yours as long as you want it, as long as you seek it. And you’ll know it’s yours when you discover you’ve stopped repeating the same unhealthy patterns.